Monday, 11 March 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #21 – The Mystery of King Crimson

The moment Jojo fans have been alternatingly dreading/eagerly awaiting has arrived as we find out along with Bruno just how the boss's Stand King Crimson actually works. The answer: pretty straightforward when committed to a moving medium over a static manga image! Luckily Gold Experience is on hand to provide all the Stand related bafflement this arc is notorious for. If you aren't confused yet then Karakuri Circus hops back on the crazy train after weeks of relative stability, Boogiepop And Others invades our dreams and one mystery may finally be solved with the return of Raccoon's mother in Bonobono. We'll crack this case yet!

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #20 – The Final Mission From The Boss

Bruno's beautiful boys have finally reached the end of their journey but now the up and coming capo must proceed on the last step alone as he delivers Trish to the elusive boss. What are the mysterious mobster's true intentions? And can Bruno get any closer to realising his own secret goals? All the usual anime lurks in the corner also, overshadowed as it may be the mighty impact of five episodes of Boogiepop And Others dropping at once! The tension is killing us!

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Show #176: Battle Angel Alita (1993)

Us? Jump on a bandwagon? Perish the thought! We're merely embracing our new cyberpunk present and getting into the spirit of things with the Battle Angel Alita OVA!

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James Cameron's long gestating adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's classic cyborg manga is tearing up cinemas around the world at last, so we thought we'd look back at the last time Battle Angel Alita, aka Gunnm, appeared on screens in this two part OVA that gives you the broad strokes of the story in fairly short order. Considering it served as a design influence for the live action how well does it capture the essence of the original manga? Comic comparisons, real world dystopias and fashionable director photos are taken apart!

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #19 – White Album

Giorno and Mista better get their skates on before Ghiaccio puts them both on ice for good! Against a foe who can freeze solid the very air around them though do they have a snowball's chance in Hell? Big Sister Dai's new boyfriend gets a frosty reception in Bonobono and a childhood yokai chum gets the cold shoulder in Gegege No Kitaro, but Hyakkimaru's explosion of anger oughta keep us warm in Dororo. Chill out!

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Monday, 25 February 2019

SOTSM x DITB: The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #1 – Captain Tsubasa, Fushigi Yugi, Bonobono

Niall recently took a wander down a hypothetical memory lane with Brian and Anthony over on Dynamite In The Brain as they sampled some anime series that could have been formative experiences in their youth had they ever been released in their parts of the world. Captain Tsubasa cashed in on 80s World Cup fever, Fushigi Yugi whisked us to another world before it was cool and Bonobono innovated children's television with the addition of existential dread. Find out how this experiment in manufactured nostalgia unfolded when you listen up!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #18 – Head to Venice

While Niall makes a desperate last stand against sudden technical difficulties Brian and Dwayne bear the brunt of a relentless onslaught, where one enemy Stand user has barely been dispatched before another is in cold pursuit of Giorno and Mista on the road to Venice. Boss Bear laments his wasted life in Bonobono, children are pawns in a cruel inscrutable game in Boogiepop & Others and Gegege No Kitaro considers the ethics of assisted suicide in this fun-filled podcast instalment. What a frosty reception!

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #17 – Babyface

They're starting these hardened criminals younger every year! Melone plays midwife to an unsettling assailant as Babyface is dispatched to take down Bruno's outfit. Will they be able to keep it all together against this disturbing foe? Madness prevails as a lunatic takes over the asylum (and an innocent girl's body) in Mob Psycho 100, Raccoon becomes an unstoppable pranking machine in Bonobono, Karakuri Circus flies in the face of common sense with a coherent episode and Kitaro doesn't even think to plead insanity when he's put on trial. It's crazy man!

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