Sunday, 6 October 2019

Let’s Go! #122 – Let’s Backdoor Pilot

Rei Isurugi's saga of revenge comes to a close along with the Four Treasonous Generals arc of Gegege No Kitaro, or is his real journey just beginning in a script yet to be written? Who knows! But we can say for sure that Vikings make for the most impolite guests, cheating is permitted in the name of science and we have much to learn from our cactus friends beyond the stars. If all that makes next to no sense then you better catch up before next season!

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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Let’s Go! #121 – Let’s Not Fall In The Acid

What cures can also kill! The search for ingredients needed for antibiotics finds Senku and the crew braving a lake of sulphuric acid, where one wrong step could spell doom for restoring the light of science to the world! Warring factions vie for custody of a Danish prince amidst a forest fire in Vinland Saga, Fruits Basket packs up until Summer and the stalwart crew at Wacky TV Nanana receive their debriefing. Stay safe out there!

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Let’s Go! #120 – Let’s Go Home

Come on in and let's have a serious discussion about some anime, much like the various Viking factions plotting treachery and turmoil in Vinland Saga. Arts & crafts begins shortly after as Kaseki is lured in by the marvels of science in Dr. Stone before we give a friendly visitor a very warm welcome in Fruits Basket. Some folks just can't be satisfied though as Kitaro attempts to steer a wayward soul from a monkey paw/Wishmaster-style scenario. Make yourself comfortable why dontcha!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Let’s Go! #119 – Let’s Dance

We've got all the best moves when it comes to currently streaming anime, and so does Tatsuki Fujinami as he battles a giant cyclops on Wacky TV Nanana. Shinra ducks and dives his way around a rogue officer in Fire Force, murderers maneuver in the dark on Detective Conan and Kitaro tries his best pickup lines on any warm body within range. They're playin' our song!

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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Let’s Go! #118 – Let’s Go To London

Powerful opponents await on Let's Go as the way to London is barred to the invading Danes by the fearsome Thorkell The Tall, AKA Murder Goku. Senku matches wits against mischievous mentalist Gen Asagiri on Dr. Stone, Shinra personally disciplines a bad lieutenant on Fire Force and even your favourite magical girls get into a nasty scrap with the number two villain on Star Twinkle Pretty Cure! Give your earholes a good ass kickin'!

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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Show #183: The Thief And The Cobbler

A podcast thirty one accumulated hours in the making, SOTSM broaches the subject of the animation albatross known as The Thief And The Cobbler!

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With the recent passing of the esteemed Richard Williams and the tributes that followed a pair of titles repeatedly stood out: his undeniably popular work Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and another convoluted and perhaps notorious production called The Thief And The Cobbler. Delayed, waylaid and recut into various releases in its unfinished state, many had given up Williams' grand artistic statement as folly. But is this being uncharitable to what he strove to achieve not just in the film itself but animation as a whole? Crime, corporate skullduggery and a years long quest for perfection almost distract us from savouring a cartoon spectacle the likes of which may never be seen again!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Let’s Go! #117 – Let’s Reinvent Ramen

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure departs the stage for now but Let's Go continues apace with all the other things you could be watching. Or perhaps not, as Cop Craft and BEM are unceremoniously dumped to make room for The Demon Girl Next Door, alongside the usual blaze battling in Fire Force, dastardly Danes in Vinland Saga and caveman cookery in Dr. Stone. Hope you brought your appetite!

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