Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 70 – Let’s Get Small

Leo's larger-than-life buddy needs taking down a peg or ten in Blood Blockade Battlefront and there's only one monkey up to such a job. Seasoned adventurers G Fantasy offer a few lessons to Nike & Kukuri in Magical Circle Guru Guru, it's hip to be square in Classicaloid, Hiro goes full Terminator in Inuyashiki and two more universes meet their fates in Dragon Ball Super. Good things come in small packages!

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 69 – Let’s Be Friends With The Wind

Bono Bono and friends attempt to make a powerful ally, and they're not the only ones forging new alliances! Chise gets a new dog, Mozart makes good on a promise and Leo teams up to take down a tiny terrorist before the entire cast of Mr Osomatsu all get stuck on each other. Let's be pals!

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 68 – Let’s Romance Three Kingdoms

Mr Osomatsu pulls an OG Time Bokan 24 and brings you the REAL story of the famous Chinese historical saga, which is way more puerile than what you learned in school! After that you better clean your ears with Bono Bono, get fixed up for a date in Classicaloid and don't be late for the New Year's Eve party in Blood Blockade Battlefront! CHARGE!

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Stuff Shown At Hibanacon 2017!

It's been long enough and I finally have a spare moment to thank all the fine folks who opted to take in the panels I put on at the inaugural Hibanacon anime convention. As is usual so many people get to asking what the heck they were just bombarded with that I've compiled an easy to digest list so you can relive those fond panel room memories in the comfort of your own home, and if you missed out this time look out for more of this mania in the schedule of a convention near you in the not-too-distant future!


  • Tsukikage Ran - Carried By The Wind
  • Shura No Toki
  • Ninja Girl and Samurai Master
  • Air Master
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Ranma 1/2
  • Wicked City
  • Ninja Scroll
  • Fate Zero
  • Grappler Baki - The Ultimate Fighter
  • Shadow Skill: Epilogue
  • Variable Geo
  • Birdy The Mighty: Decode
  • Legends Of The Dark King
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Sword Of The Stranger


  • Poker King
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Gamble Fish
  • Kakegurui
  • One Outs
  • Liar Game
  • Usogui
  • Riman Gambler Mouse
  • Mahjong Hisho-den Naki No Ryuu
  • Death Pie
  • Legendary Gambler Tetsuya
  • The Legend Of Koizumi
  • Ten: The Nice Guy On The Path Of Mahjong
  • Akagi
  • Kaiji
  • Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 67 – Let’s Go To The Movies

Luke takes in a flick in Garo: Vanishing Line but will it turn out to be the Horror story he's after? Meanwhile Nike and Kukuri experience parenthood firsthand, the agents of Libra are locked out of the office, Chipmunk finds a rival and Iyami has arrived! It's a good time at the pictures!

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Show #159: The Book Of Life

Times are tough but our undying spirit persists onward, eager to get our nose into the first chapter of The Book Of Life!

Click Here To Download (Right Click, Save As)

Now where have we seen this before? A certain recent Pixar film may be parading this same aesthetic around but Jorge GutiƩrrez and company had already taken us to an astonishing afterlife inspired by Dia de los Muertos some years back. However is this spectacular vision in danger of being superseded by more worldly concerns? Unfortunate family film requirements, moustache analysis and Niall's inability to read credits properly are a page away!


A lavish world

An overload of ideas

A better main character

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 66 – Let’s Hold Hands

Our great time of tribulation and strife grinds onward, so hold onto your buddy and we'll get through this thing together! Caulifla and Kale enact their strategy to defeat Goku in Dragon Ball Super, mobsters face a little street justice in Inuyashiki, brains are burglarised in Blood Blockade Battlefront and Magical Circle Guru Guru is unusually measured and coherent. Here's hoping we get a better grasp on things soon!

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