Thursday, 16 August 2018

Let’s Go! #104 – Let’s Hibernate

Talk about being asleep at the switch, as one of your beloved co-hosts loses the run of himself while working night shifts and reposts this super late! Froppy beds herself down for a filler episode of My Hero Academia, Lupin The Third (or should I say Jim Barnett!) holes up in a country retreat to solve a murder mystery, Planet With tries to retire early and Fenny keeps everybody in Bono Bono up with his singing. Sweet dreams!

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Let’s Go! #103 – Let’s Talk About First Loves

Our love of anime is no secret here, and even now we feel those warm flushes of affection that a good anime season brings: Lupin The Third liberates, Planet With perplexes, Bono Bono bemuses, My Hero Academia accelerates and GeGeGe No Kitaro confounds. Share this podcast with somebody special in your life!

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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Show #168: Toons N' Tunes - Disney & Fleischer In The 1920s & 30s

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It's the inaugural instalment of a new recurring feature, where we cast an eye and an ear over the many instances where music and animation collide and how they amplify the potency of both art & artist. Naturally we start at the nascent beginnings of this pairing, from Walt Disney's experimental efforts in Silly Symphonies to the many outings of the Fleischer Brothers' breakout star Betty Boop and on to even stranger sounds than those! Duck noises, censor baiting and depressingly relevant politics await for you to listen up!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Let’s Go! #102 – Let’s Record That Again

Con crunch and computer catastrophes combine to curtail conversation about current cartoons! Working Buddies have their own technical difficulties to surmount, the class of My Hero Academia get a nasty surprise themselves and Bono Bono delivers some unexpected brutality! Please understand, it can't be helped!

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Let’s Go! #101 – Let’s Go On Holiday

Need a little break away? Then why not take a trip to Sakaiminato, home of Kitaro creator Shigeru Mizuki and an evil that rests at the bottom of the sea? Bullet trains staffed by the Working Buddies depart there daily! If there's room in your budget for a flight how about the mean streets of New York where you can try to solve the mystery of Banana Fish? Our other anime regulars stay at home to study, play and fend off invasions, but with modern podcast technology you can take them on the go with you!

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Monday, 23 July 2018

SOTSM x DITB: Little Witch Academia TV Part 2

Much belated but with a lot of care gone into the making, we finally rejoin our podcast partners Dynamite In The Brain to relate our shared experiences of the back half of Yoh Yoshinari and Studio Trigger's grand debut on Netflix. It's filled with scheming teachers, inspiring messages and football-induced international incidents, and there's even time for a little game of which witch is which! All good stuff you can discover yourself if you just listen up!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Let’s Go! #100 – Let’s Change the Theme Tune

It's a new opener and a brand new anime season on our prestigious one hundredth episode! Brian and Dwayne set to sampling the latest offerings in a packed slate that includes street gangs, middle managers, invasions by giant teddy bears and the very workings of the human body itself. Which ones will survive the inevitable cull before the following weeks' premieres take dominance? To find out you'll just have to listen up!