Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 40 – Let’s Go Outside!

... Or let's stay inside and watch some cartoons. Don't you know it's dangerous out there? Invading aliens in the shops, rogue wrestlers bent on exacting retribution, strange plants and flesh eating giants hidden among us are waiting to pounce! But if you stay indoors your house could be burnt down or, even worse, decluttered! Huddle somewhere safe and follow our life-saving tips.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Show #146: Mission Hill

We just about found the time to prise ourselves off the couch and reappraise our misspent youth on a little trip to Mission Hill!

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Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein were some of the hottest TV comedy writers going in the 90s. Fresh off what are widely viewed as the best seasons of The Simpsons, surely their own original show about folks their age with all the material they weren't allowed to use on their other gigs would be a huge success right? I'm gonna bet you are unlikely to have heard of Mission Hill until this very podcast so naturally there's a bit of a story behind why that is, not to mention how similarly styled programmes met a similar fate and just what ARE the 18 to 25 age bracket watching these days?


Bright lights, big city

Cutting wit

Great representations

Monday, 8 May 2017

SOTSM x DITB: Japan Animator Expo Part 3

Again?! Yes again! Once more Niall and the DITB boys dive in to take on the final fusillade of shorts from Japan Animator Expo. This one has it all; savage superheroes, robots both giant and perverted, the prototype Yuri On ice and a hefty dose of nostalgia for older franchises and video formats. And when all's said and done we may get around to deciding which are the best of the whole bunch!

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 39 – Let’s Unleash Our Full Potential

Don't let the episode title mislead you as Dwayne and a sleep-deprived Niall attempt to get out from under the crushing weight of the massive amount of new anime they watched in the last week! The cavalry battle concludes in My Hero Academia, Gohan gets back in shape in Dragon Ball Super, indecent proposals are made in Rage of Bahamut and the flight is now boarding in Shonen Ashibe Go Go Goma-chan, and that's just for starters!

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Show #145: Bounty Hunter THE HARD

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it as we get a bit tough on Bounty Hunter THE HARD!

Courtesy of Tetsuya Saruwatari, purveyor of such hilariously brutal comics as Violence Hero Riki-Oh, comes this obscure anime adaptation of one of his lesser known works, which thus makes it something of a niche within a niche! That being said all the ingredients are here for a Hollywood-style shoot 'em up spectacular but does this OAV do justice to even a fraction of the insanity of its manga forbear? Drugs are discussed, dramatic readings are delivered and the boundaries of good taste are explored!


Hapless hunters

-This- effect

Spittin' on guns

Monday, 1 May 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 38 – Let’s Get Drunk On Trains!

A mysterious man approaches you with the power to fulfil you heart's desire. What would you spend that wish on? On something you could probably do anyway with a six-pack and a railway timetable of course! More questionable decisions occur as Tiger Mask spirals further downward into villainy, Goku hands the reins to Android 17, Raccoon's dad gets real with the kids and people jump out of buildings. How reckless!

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Friday, 28 April 2017

SOTSM x DITB: Japan Animator Expo Part 2

The exploration of the weird and wonderful auteur anime showcase continues apace as Niall and the boys immerse themselves in the everyday lives of ghosts, robot girls and mascot characters, solve a murder, indulge in a vague yet also somehow heavy-handed political allegory and even throw in a bit of good ol' fashioned SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED. What does that even mean? You'll just have to listen up!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 37 – Let’s Invade The Earth

Some new arrivals barge into our roster with 100% Teacher Pascal, PriPri Chi-chan and Makeruna! Aku no Gundan making their debut. More new meetings are had between Goku and his terminator-turned park ranger Android 17 in Dragon Ball Super, the Miracles multiply in Tiger Mask W and it's all about the little victories in Attack On Titan. Prepare to be boarded!

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Show #144: Dexter's Laboratory - Ego Trip

A podcast as short and to the point as the small man himself as we take a brief journey with Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip!

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An ego trip by name and by nature as this TV movie served to cap off the run of the successful TV series with an all guns blazing bonanza that maybe goes a little too all-in on the action and a little too light on the beloved weirdo humour. And that's without going into the time travel aspect, which neither IMDB or Niall have grasped fully, and the secret childhood wishes of your hosts revealed live on air!


Dexter, Dexter, Dexter and Dexter

A cool robot nonetheless


Thursday, 20 April 2017

SOTSM x DITB: Japan Animator Expo Part 1

Niall got a little bit high-falutin' over on Dynamite In The Brain as we sampled some of the cutting edge animated shorts brought to life by the talented folks who contributed to Japan Animator Expo. The first batch of twelve are consumed, covering such diverse topics as dragon dentistry, apartment life, the career of Koichi Yamadera and all the tenuous Neon Genesis Evangelion tie-ins you can handle! Which are cream of the crop and which are the slops? To find out you'll have to listen up!

Let’s Go! Episode 36 – A week late and a dollar short

A bonanza of banter belated by Brian's back pain! A fond farewell is bidden to Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid but luckily the dragon girl-shaped hole in our hearts is conveniently filled by Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. No dragons in Dragon Ball Super at the moment but we do have a host of other supernatural entities gearing up for a fight, plus all the usual forest friends, super students and rowdy wrestlers.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 35 – An Orderly Coup

The slow-boiling political intrigue of ACCA draws to a close, but who will come out on top in the most civil and well mannered conspiracy to grace anime? Meanwhile some familiar faces return as My Hero Academia goes back to school, Attack On Titan breaks back in and most importantly Goma-chan falls off the back of a lorry. Everything old is new again!

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

SOTSM x DITB! Famous Anime Podcast – Shonen Jump: Kochikame Onwards

Niall joined those good old boys over at Dynamite In The Brain for rousing session of rating anime classics to be installed in their hall of fame. Series are covered adapted from manga that began between 1976 and 1984, such as Kochikame and Fist of the North Star, but what will make the final cut? To find out you'll just have to listen up!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 34 – Baby Summoning I

Unexpected body horror appears in Dragon Ball Super as Bulma's pregnancy receives divine intervention. Meanwhile Nobunaga adds another castle to the collection, tigers face off on the pyramid of pain and Bono Bono learns how to make his own way in this crazy world.

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Show #143: Pilot Pot Luck - The First Course!

We're trying something a little different this time, or it'll seem somewhat familiar depending on how long you've been listening, as we sit down to our first serving of Pilot Pot Luck!

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The animation world is a swirling maelstrom of media, some of which is bound for glory and others that never venture any further. For this hopefully recurring format we'll be picking out some of those promising pilot episodes and demos and evaluating just how far they might go, or if history has shown the contrary then why that wasn't the case. On the inaugural menu we take in the Cartoon Network-ready randomness of Infinity Train, take a journey to discover The Reward and struggle in vain against Constant Payne! Grab some earphones and dig in!


Maths mysteries

Gallant adventurers

Action scientists

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 33 – Merry Xmas! (It’s not really Xmas)

Christmas in March! Yet more early festive treats await as Dragon Ball Super is back with a bang, however cute cartoons Bono Bono and Ninja Girl & Samurai Master nearly outdo it in the violence stakes. Meanwhile Time Bokan 24 comes to a close for now with Classicaloid not far behind!

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Show #142: Skeleton Warriors

Jake Bourke joins us from within his ancestral tomb to rise again with the Skeleton Warriors!

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Remember He-Man? Gary Goddard certainly did and he seemed unwilling to let go of the idea if this short lived cross-media franchise is anything to go by. With some striking visual motifs and a pretty cool action figure line where could it have gone wrong? Skeletons on rocket bikes, animal anatomy, the nature of evil and more are discussed under a haze of questionable audio quality!


A solid concept

Tony Jay's Cosmic Golden Skull

Missed cross-promotional opportunities

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 32 – The Best!

Only the best podcast about the best anime for the best listeners (that's you!). Maybe not having the best of times however are the imperilled critters of Bono Bono, the put-upon revisionist historians of Time Bokan 24 or those engaged in a low speed chase in ACCA. Meanwhile Fukuwara Mask puts on a show to save the rec centre!

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 31 – The Bokan Files

The only media source you can rely on in these uncertain times dear listeners! Tune in and discover such shocking secrets as the truth about the moon landing! The hidden knowledge of alien life somewhere out in the universe, fighting to the death with aliens from OTHER universes! And don't be alarmed when you find out about the lost royal family members living among you right now! TRUST NO ONE (except us)

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Show #141: Rude Dog and The Dweebs

Brian Smith makes a stunning return to SOTSM with yet more ill-advised cartoon-as-promotion craziness courtesy of Rude Dog and The Dweebs!

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Hearkening back to a simpler time when rude meant bad, bad meant cool and an entire thirteen episode cartoon series could be made on the basis of the imagined virtues of a sportswear company mascot, Rude Dog and The Dweebs has a bafflingly persistent cultural cache despite the almost complete lack of merit in the show itself. So suitably enough we find more interest in topics surrounding it such as company spokes-animals, the etymology of rudeness and late 80s/early 90s animation in general. This podcast is many things to many people but above all it is RUDE.


Dogs in cadillacs

The original

Spacecats IS a thing after all!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 30 – Robot Reigns

Cheats and deception abound as Takuma and Kevin get into a rigged wrestling ring against a rampaging robot, Gohan gets spat in the eyes by a canine combatant from another universe and Jean Otus gets some straight answers for once. If that's too much then why not take a relaxing trip to the beach, the forest or a non-descript Himalayan country!

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Show #140: My Love Story!

It's the springtime of youth and first romance and nowhere is that better exemplified than in the aptly titled My Love Story!

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In a sea of samey-looking shoujo comics it's a treat to have one that has a more diverse view of love & attraction, and for it to be so exceptionally well realised as My Love Story is just the icing on the cake. Takeo and Rinko buck nearly all the well worn trends as they navigate the complexities of their first relationship, though the sugary sweetness and occasional dearth of dramatic stakes may prove challenging to some. Then again, being called TOO nice is hardly a major complaint against an otherwise outstanding show.


Handsome boys

Thirsty girls

Amazing likenesses

Friday, 24 February 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 29 – Hell In The Hole

Awesome forces clash in undisclosed locations as Tiger the Dark and other defeated wrestlers fight to the finish for the amusement of evil billionaires, a giant baby beats down on Basil Brush and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is nearly disqualified for improper conduct. Not even birthdays or New Year's parties are safe as coups are plotted and magic secrets are revealed in your favourite ongoing weekly anime!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 28 – Flip Flappin’ Around

Your belated anime opinions go back a little further to fathom the finale of Flip Flappers before going off the beaten track to such strange locales as Oscar hopeful The Red Turtle and weirdo-ridden superhero show Space Sentai Kyuranger. And we still have time to get around to all your usual mystery solving chipmunks, bad historical fanfic and masked wrestlers as well! It's a bonanza!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Show #139: Romie-0 & Julie-8

While you may not agree with the tenets of a corporate holiday just remember that even robots have the capacity to love, as demonstrated in Romie-0 and Julie-8!

Nelvana are probably best known for their oddball seasonal specials, so jumping off from that this adaptation of Shakespeare's ubiquitous play is a good fit for the supposed most romantic day in the calendar, right? The sweeping tale of young love, family feuds and tragic ends is compressed down into a family friendly half hour, workmanlike but nonetheless energetic, though it does raise some alarming questions about the far future society it depicts. Robot rights, sleazy spacemen and other animated versions of the Bard's work are just some of the topics of discussion we expend more thought on than expected!


Robot romance

Odd couples

Android admirers

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 27 – Goku is THE WORST

But he's already pretty bad at lots of things, like being a stable husband and father, so what's he done now? These questions and more will be answered, including: what lies at the end of the path? Where are all the sweets gone? Are fried mandarins actually good for you? And is this is a grim portent of things to come?

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