Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Show #153: Castlevania

Halloween in August! We make use of the service Niall questions continually paying for to take in the long awaited Castlevania!

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Video game adaptations of any sort are a shaky proposition and this held true for Castlevania, so imagine our surprise when it came out fairly okay! However does it stand out for its own merits or merely look favourable in comparison to the more notorious game shows that preceded it? Fluffy capes, bad accents and a lightheaded podcast host await!


Boozy Belmonts

Sad Dracula


Monday, 7 August 2017

Let’s Go! Episode 52 – Let’s Cast Out The Devil!

Vatican Miracle Examiners pulls out all the stops a third of the way through the series, but has it peaked too early? Who can say, but in the meantime we can still enjoy the showdown with Stain in My Hero Academia, the Saiyans taking supremacy in Dragon Ball Super, love blossoming in Rage Of Bahamut and Welcome To The Ballroom takes pains to remind us it's a sports anime. Repent and be saved!

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