Sunday, 9 August 2020

Let’s Go #164 – Let’s Pivot To Video

Yeah, let's! What's the worst that could happen? All those independent journalism websites did it and most of them are... now closed down forever?! The sorry state of the internet due to the advertising industry's death grip is not lost upon us in this audio-only instalment of Let's Go, but we won't be resorting to such drastic measures as live-streaming a hostage situation to redress our woes. Nor shall we rig a baseball game, engineer a sham marriage or invade a neighbouring village, or will we~~? Still available on analogue formats in selected counties!

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Show #192: The Critic

Libby Cudmore of The OST Party continues her streak on SOTSM with something very near & dear to her, that being Al Jean & Mike Reiss's effort at producing primetime animation outside of their work on The Simpsons, which The Critic got lumped in with anyway! Besides mocking the vacuousoness of the entertainment industry then & now it's also a paean to a slightly more innocent (and probably partially imagined) era of cultural criticism, which inspires quite the thoughtful discussion of the same alongside a childhood spent in 1990s New York City and studying up on film references at the video rental shop. Please try some of these complimentary edible Porgs left over from the press junket for Star Wars 8, or whatever else you're craving for your Post-Podcast Repaste!

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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Let’s Go! 163 – Let’s Tune Our Engines

What's that moving up from the rear of the pack? Why it's Appare-Ranman! Back from an extended pit stop over the Summer and getting right up to speed with our other wacky racers. God Of High School jostles for supremacy in the middle of the ranks, Deca-Dence and their superior steering maintain a formidable lead and One Piece pulls out some surprising tricks in the final lap. It's all the high speed thrills you're guaranteed at the LGGP!

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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Let’s Go #162 – Let’s Enjoy Oxyone With Friends

It's the cool refreshing taste of a new week of anime episodes, and refreshing story developments as Deca-Dence pulls the rug out from under many collective feet. Gibiate's time travelling samurai join the slate, complementing Zoro's situation in One Piece as he gets into a surprisingly well animated duel with a monk over a priceless sword. Head on over to the Youtube stream if you want to see Brian and Dwayne's faces for whatever personal reason you may have! It's the choice of a new generation!

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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Let’s Go #161 – Let’s GOH!

It's the biggest roster we've had for a while now as some powerful new challengers enter the arena. In the red corner we have God Of High School, the second of Crunchyroll's collaborations with Webtoon that reunites us with Garo: Vanishing Line director Sung Hoo Park who comes out swinging. In the blue corner stands Deca-Dence, an original creation from Hiroshi Seko and Yuzuru Tachikawa who also have a history with us as the writing & directing team behind Mob Psycho 100, though by the time you hear this that'll all be swept aside by the furore over its second episode. And undermining the foundations of the ring is Japan Sinks 2020, Science Saru and Masaaki Yuasa's adaptation of the earthquake disaster novel that looks to already be on shaky ground. How will they fare against our established series, and which will come out on top? In the brutal world of Let's Go there can be only one! Or about eight to ten, whatever we could fit in this week!

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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Let's Go #156 - 160: Let's Put 'Em All Up At Once!

Yet more belated recordings have escaped from Brian's editing suite and rather than spam your RSS feed with multiple alerts you can get all the good stuff in one tastefully presented package right here!

Let's Go #156 was a no nonsense affair as the intellectual investigators of Woodpecker Detective's Office confronted their own mortality, Echo met the devil at the crossroads in Listeners and the Wacky TV Nanana crew were waylaid by pirates!

#157 had us questioning our own existences as the true identity of the Sohma family head was unmistakenly confirmed in Fruits Basket, while Mu may never have been a real person to begin with in Listeners. Much like Minare in Wave, Listen To Me we fervently wish to reincarnate as Scandinavians in our next life...

#158 was getting to the very back of the cupboard as both Wave, Listen To Me and Listeners played themselves out with aplomb but left us with a sizeable gap on our slate, with Tower Of God not far behind. Starvation seemed imminent, unless...

#159 came to the rescue with Extra Olympia Kyklos and One Piece returning to the air and back into our welcome embrace. Kamen Rider Zero One, Kiramager and Healin' Good Precure swept in alongside them to bring jump kicks back to your Sunday afternoon viewing.

and #160 gets us right up to date with the first new arrival for the Summer season in BNA: Brand New Animal, with which we shall exercise some restraint and savour week to week rather than cram it all in over a weekend in a vain attempt to get timely but half-baked reaction posts up on the web.

That's a lot of cartoons! And if you'd like to listen to us LIVE and without a safety net then be sure to stay subcribed to the Let's Go streaming channel, with all the gaffes and malapropisms that don't get edited out of the final cut anyways! There's even the possible threat of being to not only hear us but SEE us also. A bright and terrifying future awaits!

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Let’s Go #155 – Let’s Turn Garbage Into Art

A self-deprecating quip about our taste in anime? Hardly! We are seekers of quality in all things, much like Super Shiro's fine job upcycling the debris in a polluted pond into a civic cultural site. Mu rocks the house all the way down in Listeners, Minare takes in the sights with her ex in Wave, Listen To Me and the crew of Wacky TV Nanana show us the finer points of carrier pigeon communication. We belong in a museum!

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