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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Secret Of The Wha?

Hello! My name is Niall Flanagan and welcome to the site for the upcoming Secret Of The Sailor Madness podcast! Not a lot happening at the moment as you can no doubt tell but over the coming weeks we hope to have put together an optimal location from which you, you happy-go-lucky scamp, can tune into the Intertron's newest, bewildering and most irreverent podcast on the subject of animated works that have moulded the minds of many and a few you've probably never perceived the existence of.

With my fellow secret keeper D we will reveal to you the hidden knowledge of cartoons from ages past; the evergreen classics beloved of the people, the gems long since buried in the sands of obscurity and the arcane artifacts of absurdity that somehow came to be in our dimension, and perhaps answering that question of questions - what is the Secret Of The Sailor Madness?

So keep an ear out folks for our inaugural recording is in the works. Expect news of it's arrival over all the usual social media malarkey. Expect details of said social media malarkey before that! Hope to see you there!