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Friday, 30 March 2012

Show #7: You're Under Arrest For Being A Krogan

Agents N and D from Cartoon Podcasts, Division 6, assuring you there are no aliens to be found here. Only an audio recording of two human males talking about seasons 1 and 2 the 1997 animated series Men In Black. Now stare at this little light here...

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Another title from our old friends Adelaide Studios, home of marvelous creature designs, Men In Black takes the premise from the well-known live action film and creates the only sensible thing; a police procedural drama with aliens and ray guns. A well realised world is let down by sometimes lazy animation and eventually too many episodes with annoying side characters. It's bevy of crazy sci-fi ideas more than makes up for all that however.


                                                        J and K, two bad dudes

                                                          Alpha, gross old man

                                                             Drunk and Disorderly

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Show #6: I Prefer To Keep My Porn Outside My Violence

We take a brief departure from western animation this week as we try to fathom our bizarre enjoyment of the 1989 OAV Baoh!

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A product of that decade when anime OAVs just couldn't get enough of their psychic powers and truckloads of gore, Baoh is not entirely awful but not entirely great either. One dimensional characters and a threadbare plot drag it down enormously, yet it displays that strange car crash quality with some decent animation and an incredibly weird dub.


                                                Ikuro/Baoh, the prancing mutant boy

                                                              Face Trauma

Stupid squirrel-looking thing!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Show #5: Or Even Better, If He Was Filled With Gunge!

We're back and making up for lost time in a big way! In our longest show to date we broach the archive of Warner Brothers DC Comics animated works, starting with a trip to the far flung era of Batman Beyond, AKA Batman Of The Future!

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Conceived as merely a means to sell more toys Batman Of The Future is as competent and well made as it's highly regarded predecessor. Striking a fine balance between surprisingly dark techno-dystopia and more comedic "Batman As High School Student" shenanigans, it's a testament to the cartoon making supergroup of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Co. This podcast is pretty titanic so save it for a long journey, workout or your menial task of choice!


                                            Terry McGinnis, Teenage Dark Knight

                                   Old Man Bruce Wayne, with faithful Ace the Bathound

                          Blight, aka Derek Powers, whose action figure I found in the end!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Podcast Will Be Late This Week, Enjoy This Picture Instead

 Hello chaps and chapesses. Please accept our apologies as we missed our scheduled recording day due to some unforseen circumstances on my part, urgent family business and all. We hope to get the next one done and released very soon so please bear with us! Until then appreciate this photo of a gorilla playing a DS and ponder the thought that even in the animal kingdom your big brother will still hog all the videogames.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Show #4: You Gotta Push The Lasers Birdman!

On this installment we delve into the vaults of Hanna Barbera to bring you the solar powered exploits of that hero, patriot and serial arsonist, the one and only BIRDMAN! We're sorry this post is so late by the way. We were out of the sun for too long!

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More well known for it's parody series Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, the original Birdman series is best taken in small doses lest you succumb to the inherent stupidity/insanity of it's plotlines. Nonetheless this cartoon is good for a bit of harmless fun every once in a while and to admire it's often nifty character designs & funky music.


                                             Birdman & Avenger, chillin' at the Bird Lair

                                                        Falcon 7, a suave dude

                                         Number One, with the facial hair of leadership