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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Show #4: You Gotta Push The Lasers Birdman!

On this installment we delve into the vaults of Hanna Barbera to bring you the solar powered exploits of that hero, patriot and serial arsonist, the one and only BIRDMAN! We're sorry this post is so late by the way. We were out of the sun for too long!

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More well known for it's parody series Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, the original Birdman series is best taken in small doses lest you succumb to the inherent stupidity/insanity of it's plotlines. Nonetheless this cartoon is good for a bit of harmless fun every once in a while and to admire it's often nifty character designs & funky music.


                                             Birdman & Avenger, chillin' at the Bird Lair

                                                        Falcon 7, a suave dude

                                         Number One, with the facial hair of leadership

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