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Friday, 16 March 2012

Show #5: Or Even Better, If He Was Filled With Gunge!

We're back and making up for lost time in a big way! In our longest show to date we broach the archive of Warner Brothers DC Comics animated works, starting with a trip to the far flung era of Batman Beyond, AKA Batman Of The Future!

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Conceived as merely a means to sell more toys Batman Of The Future is as competent and well made as it's highly regarded predecessor. Striking a fine balance between surprisingly dark techno-dystopia and more comedic "Batman As High School Student" shenanigans, it's a testament to the cartoon making supergroup of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Co. This podcast is pretty titanic so save it for a long journey, workout or your menial task of choice!


                                            Terry McGinnis, Teenage Dark Knight

                                   Old Man Bruce Wayne, with faithful Ace the Bathound

                          Blight, aka Derek Powers, whose action figure I found in the end!

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