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Friday, 30 March 2012

Show #7: You're Under Arrest For Being A Krogan

Agents N and D from Cartoon Podcasts, Division 6, assuring you there are no aliens to be found here. Only an audio recording of two human males talking about seasons 1 and 2 the 1997 animated series Men In Black. Now stare at this little light here...

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Another title from our old friends Adelaide Studios, home of marvelous creature designs, Men In Black takes the premise from the well-known live action film and creates the only sensible thing; a police procedural drama with aliens and ray guns. A well realised world is let down by sometimes lazy animation and eventually too many episodes with annoying side characters. It's bevy of crazy sci-fi ideas more than makes up for all that however.


                                                        J and K, two bad dudes

                                                          Alpha, gross old man

                                                             Drunk and Disorderly

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