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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Show #8: Traumatise A Young Ginger Boy

Super special guest Jake Bourke joins us this time to bolster the numbers of our sacred order as we undetake the perilous quest to discuss the 1987 cartoon Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light!

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The first in what will become many Hasbro/Sunbow productions we talk about, Visionaries goes down a whole lot easier than it's contemporaries such as GI Joe and Transformers. This may be because of it's single season run or help from the talented Osamu Dezaki and TMS Entertainment. Maybe a wizard did it! Listen to hear our attempts at dramatic reading and learn what Jake is REALLY afraid of.

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For those interested I shall be in attendance at Kitacon at the Hilton Metropole near Birmingham Airport this coming weekend of Friday the 13th. Seek me out and say hello/punch me in the face, wherever applicable.


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