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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Show #9: Dinoroni, A Cured Meat Made From Dinosaurs

We're back! After a hiatus due to coursework and convention attendance Niall and D return to the sorry task of discussing misplaced nostalgia with the 1988 cartoon Dino Riders!

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Oh dear. We thought we were on such a roll with Visionaries that we'd try another 80s property and see how it holds up. The answer: not well! Dino Riders represents the epitome of squandering a great concept with a half-assed cartoon that is interminable to watch and even harder to squeeze any enjoyment from. On the bright side, the world (and the Smithsonian museum) got some pretty cool dinosaur toys out of it!


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                                                          The Beautiful Lie

                                                              The Future?

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