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Friday, 25 May 2012

Show #11: AWESOME-O!

Avast! Whilst trawling the wastelands we encounter the mythical creature obscured by the sands of the Spring anime season, the latest series from the monumental Leiji Matsumoto, Ozma!

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We're always excited to see the great man Matsumoto coming out with new material so we leapt upon this series with gusto. Clocking in at only six episodes we fairly flew through it and as a result were left with a yearning to see certain ideas expanded upon. It's still a fun little show which won't overstay its welcome by any means. Critical plot details will be divulged so if you plan on watching Ozma be sure to save this episode until after you're done!

The Viki video streaming site can be found right here!


                                                     Our most trustworthy officer

                                            Bainas? More like FINE-NESS, am I right?

                                                  The soon-to-be flagship of SOTSM

Friday, 18 May 2012

Show #10: He Was A Good Actor, Before The Accident

Behold true believers! We aggressively assemble to dish out discussion and dialogue aplenty as we delve deeply into the cosmic core of comics cartoons with the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes! Now, stand back for your own safety!

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Man, what is with us and talking for so long about old badly made cartoons?  We should really be riding their asses hard and this time is no exception (up to a point). But just like Birdman the early animated incarnation of the Avengers has wormed its way into our hearts by sheer virtue of tripped out craziness, ham acting and killer theme tunes. Maybe that's the REAL Secret of the Sailor Madness (it's not). Enjoy in small doses, or better yet just listen to the audio. It works quite well!


                                                   There's Something About Thor

                                                            New/Old Avengers!

                                         It's Iron Man! It's Big O! Tastes great together!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Supplementary Sailor Secrets! Appreciating Awesome Animation

And now for something completely different. We take a little time out and depart from our usual format this week for a bonus(?) show to discuss some new cartoons we feel you gotta know about. Let's get busy!

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                                                   Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

                                       Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

                                                        Kids On The Slope