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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Show #14: Not So Fast Starcom!

To belatedly celebrate the Voyager probe leaving our solar system we go through some rigorous evaluation to deem if we are worthy to join Starcom: The US Space Force!

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We're two for three on our Eighties toy properties as Starcom comes out of almost nowhere and blows us away. Created to get kids interested in space and science, it mostly gets us interested in lovely animation, laser shootin' space dogfighting and some badass toys. Bizarre voice acting notwithstanding, we implore you to give this series a watch.


Colonel, Colonel and Colonel

His Supreme Funny-Haired Highness Emperor Dark

Cosplay Ideas

Friday, 15 June 2012

Show #13: My Species May Be Going Extinct, But I Can Still Be Petty

A slightly rambling discourse, meandering through the galaxy like cosmic driftwood, but despite how we may sound we're actually quite excited about and fond of Titan AE

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Poor old Don Bluth. Guy's got some rotten luck, some of which is not all his fault! Titan AE, the last feature film he directed, suffered due to the confusion about who it was meant to be marketed towards. The answer is that for better or worse there's something here for everybody, wrapped up in a stirring space adventure with cool set-pieces and snappy writing. If you have ninety minutes to kill and an appreciation for the talents of one of the greats of animation we reckon it's worth your attention.


Nice view!

This Side Up


Monday, 4 June 2012

Show #12: I Love The Six O' Clock News!

Somebody's gotta clean up this city, where scum wantonly wage gang warfare, blow up buildings and worst of all DISOBEY THE SMOKING BAN! That somebody is Heat Guy J!

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Seemingly much maligned by the world, perhaps undeservedly so, Heat Guy J is a perfectly serviceable little series that is a pretty good take on the buddy cop formula. Perps are chased, paperwork is dodged and beast-headed mercenaries terrorize the underworld. Whether you missed it the first time around or maybe passed on it in favour of another, we reckon the show deserves a chance to gain your affections.


Daisuke Aurora, gathering information

J, our android dad

She's not a trained shot!