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Monday, 30 July 2012

Show #17: Sexy Like Heathcliff

In part two of UNFINISHED BUSINESS, I try (and mostly fail) to not sound like a fool while we talk about the fantabulous Lupin The Third: The Woman Named Fujiko Mine.

A new Lupin series to celebrate the franchise's 40th anniversary, Fujiko Mine is a break from the formula Lupin has fallen into as of late and this fresh approach gives the characters some much needed vigor. Gorgeous visuals, a cool soundtrack and probably the most badass interpretation of Fujiko committed to film  ensure it will stand as a testament to the skill of the talented folks involved.


Not just a pretty face...

... but looks great anyways...

... even when it's being weird!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Show #16: It's Like Kim Jong Il's Version Of Basketball

We return to pass final judgement on the new Spring cartoons we chatted about a while back, starting this week with The Legend Of Korra!

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It's been a rollercoaster ride with 'ol Korra. We've laughed, we've cried and surprisingly had our fair share of arguments over this short season. Maybe that's alright though, since they say good art invites discussion. Join us as we chart the season's highs and lows and ponder it's future (it involves ghosts!) in part one of UNFINISHED BUSINESS.


The sport of kings!


We've got our eyes on you Season 2

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Show #15: I've Got Bigger Problems Than That, Gorgeous Redhead

Not exactly faster than a speeding bullet we return, our trials and tribulations over for now hopefully. Maybe we can aspire to be something halfway as brilliant as season one of Superman: The Animated Series.

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Man, what can we say about this beauty of a cartoon? Odds are you're already aware of Superman and have seen it so you already know how crazy good it is! Unsurprisingly we are filled with naught but praise for another jewel in the DC Animated Universe crown. Watch it or indeed rewatch it if you haven't indulged in a while. This is what it's all about!





Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Cunning Diversion

Man, technology is great but also not-so-great! The Itunes suddenly thought our temporary hosting was yucky and refused to update the feed. Thankfully this has since been resolved and we have proper big boy hosting, but it has left us a step or two behind. Our next few shows have been planned out and are pretty much ready to record, with one in the editing process right now.

But that's not good enough I hear you say! And you are correct! So while you're waiting for your podcast entertainment to come back from the dry cleaners you can always enjoy Niall guesting once more on Dynamite In The Brain for their 50th episode spectacular as he helps those fine fellows count down the top fifty anime as voted by the previous guests. Give 'er a listen to find out if your favourite anime got on the list, and please don't stay mad at us!