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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Cunning Diversion

Man, technology is great but also not-so-great! The Itunes suddenly thought our temporary hosting was yucky and refused to update the feed. Thankfully this has since been resolved and we have proper big boy hosting, but it has left us a step or two behind. Our next few shows have been planned out and are pretty much ready to record, with one in the editing process right now.

But that's not good enough I hear you say! And you are correct! So while you're waiting for your podcast entertainment to come back from the dry cleaners you can always enjoy Niall guesting once more on Dynamite In The Brain for their 50th episode spectacular as he helps those fine fellows count down the top fifty anime as voted by the previous guests. Give 'er a listen to find out if your favourite anime got on the list, and please don't stay mad at us!

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