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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Show #26: Hammer! I Am! Hammer! They Buried Me At Sea!

Brian Smith of Dynamite In The Brain drops into a forgotten corner of the SOTSM archives to help us excavate this artifact of the lost MC Hammer dynasty, the 1991 cartoon Hammerman!

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This podcast almost didn't happen, as if some unseen force compelled us to ne'er speak a word of this awful awful vanity project, a potent example of the sort of output we could expect from a man with more money than sense. Luckily Brian is on hand to suffer through with us and even keep our spirits up with a rousing rendition of the show's opening theme.

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The "best" animation MC Hammer can buy

Magic Shoes

Have you seen this man?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Show #25: His Afro Absorbs All Light

We must look like a right pair of jive turkeys for missing a week but such is the sheer righteous force of the Black Dynamite TV series. Can you dig it?

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One of our favourite movies got made into one of our favourite cartoons, or at least a pretty good cartoon. Hampered a bit by drawing on the gags made famous by it's live action source a little too frequently the episodes currently on offer can be hit or miss. The hits have all the power of a Black Dynamite kung-fu strike to the skull though so we're itching to know if we'll get any more of this.


Cultural Insensitivity

Special Guest Stars


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Fighting caveman crime in a not-so-future time, we delve into the exploits of the ridiculously overpowered Hanna Barbera superhero Mighty Mightor!

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What of the good old days? A simpler time when men were men, or Vulturemen or Tigermen or Abominable Snow Men. When cartoon studios could get away with severely restricted animation and recycled plots because them kids don't know any better. Good riddance to those days, but Mightor gets an A for effort from us if only for Alex Toth's design work and the possibilities of these characters and setting in the right hands.


Hang in there baby

Discover agriculture already you lazy Vultureman

Sometimes you just gotta be a dick