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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Show #27: The Gospel Of Mr T

We're back from the grave after yet another spot of bother. Some dastardly crooks (i.e, the dudes who kept not delivering Dwayne's computer charger) were up to no good. Can Mr T and the gang solve the mystery of The Secret Of The Sailor Madness?

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When you ask the guys who made Scooby Doo to create a cartoon for you odds are it's gonna involve mystery solving teens, and sure enough that happens here. But mystery solving teens led by Mr T? That might have legs Joe! Wretched animation and a quickly worn out premise do the show no favours, but getting to watch cartoon Mr T beat up on smugglers / ghost pirates / Panthermen and live action Mr T dispense his worldly wisdom provides some amusing novelty for a little while.


Cartoon Mr T ain't nobody to mess with!

A daring escape

A man of the people

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