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Friday, 21 December 2012

Show #30: Sadsack Potato Men

We're being obnoxiously topical for a change! In light of the release of Peter Jackson's blockbuster movie it seems high time for a viewing of Rankin Bass's 1977 adaptation of The Hobbit.

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Daunted by the length of the recent live action film? Baffled by the knowledge it's only one third of the story? Never fear! This animated feature races through the plot of the book, hitting all the major story points in a trim 77 minutes. It may not be as action packed but it has possibly more detailed visuals and a lot more singing!


Starring (not) Martin Freeman!

Filmed at 48 FPS!

All your favourite characters! Including Bunny-Eared Spider!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Show #29: The Cure Is Lasers

Niall and Dwayne combine their cyborg bodies via the miracle of bionic transference to form the ultimate being, DWIALL, the only one with the power capable of handling Attack Of The Super Monsters, AKA Dinosaur War Izenborg!

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An interesting experiment combining elements of traditional animation, live action rubber suits and modelwork, Attack Of The Supermonsters doesn't gel those constituent elements together as smoothly as you'd think. It is however unrepentantly silly and at least provides us with some entertaining clips and soundbites of awkward dialogue.



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