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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Show #34: Dude Just Loves Tentacles

Those two hotshot supercops Niall and D roll up in their souped up black Sedan to finish off the extraterrestrial escapades of Men In Black: The Series!

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By the time MIB TV got to it's third season it was comfortably set up as the sci fi police procedural it was striving to be; car chases, shootouts, pumping informants for information, rival agents in Lethal Weapon style partnerships who (never) get results and all this while having to answer to the Chief AND the Alien Mayor. Sure this means the show might stick to a pretty safe formula but with that comes a consistent level of quality in both story and visuals. To a paraphrase a great man, they make this look good!


Away Team

His Honour The Mayor

Ageing Gracefully

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Show #33: Who Else Can You Trust But Napoleon Bonaparte?

In our first installment of what we hope will become a regular feature 8 Man, aka Tobor The 8th Man, and 8 Man After clash in the middle of a TIME PARADOX!

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Two cartoons enter, one cartoon leaves! 1963's 8 Man is yet another example of the high concept madcap escapades we always love to see on SOTSM. 8 Man After comes out swinging with a darker and more violent take on the themes and characters introduced in its prequel series. Which one will win out? 60s or 90s? Chief Tanaka or Chief Fumblethumbs? CYBORG JUNKIES OR ROBOT TIGER? You'll just have to listen to find out!


8 Man Classic

8 Man After

The deciding factor?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Show #32: XXtreme Characters

Finally getting his day in the sun of the savage outback of the mind, we finally get around to talking about The Maxx!

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Gritty, grimy, a little dark & brooding but somewhat endearing, the Maxx hails from a time when MTV functioned as an outlet for less mainstream and more experimental creative works rather than the sludge pit where dignity goes to die that it has become today. Based on a comic of the same name by Sam Kieth this animated adaptation just scratches the surface of the Maxx universe and offers a refreshingly ponderous alternative to regular cartoon superhero antics.

This podcast is mostly vague about plot details as your viewing will be informed and enhanced significantly by whatever meaning you take from it yourself. However! Certain plot details are alluded to at the 48 minute mark, so those who wish to go in clean would be wise to skip to the end at that point!


Julie Winters, freelance social worker and fashion trendsetter

Masters of disguise

Comic interludes