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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Show #32: XXtreme Characters

Finally getting his day in the sun of the savage outback of the mind, we finally get around to talking about The Maxx!

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Gritty, grimy, a little dark & brooding but somewhat endearing, the Maxx hails from a time when MTV functioned as an outlet for less mainstream and more experimental creative works rather than the sludge pit where dignity goes to die that it has become today. Based on a comic of the same name by Sam Kieth this animated adaptation just scratches the surface of the Maxx universe and offers a refreshingly ponderous alternative to regular cartoon superhero antics.

This podcast is mostly vague about plot details as your viewing will be informed and enhanced significantly by whatever meaning you take from it yourself. However! Certain plot details are alluded to at the 48 minute mark, so those who wish to go in clean would be wise to skip to the end at that point!


Julie Winters, freelance social worker and fashion trendsetter

Masters of disguise

Comic interludes

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