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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Show #36: I Wish Jeff Bridges Were In More Cartoons

While visiting an old arcade Niall and Dwayne are caught in a strange beam and transported to a super stylish virtual world in the midst of turmoil, the world of Tron: Uprising!

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A spin-off TV series meant to bridge the gaps between the films Tron and Tron Legacy, Tron Uprising is an intelligent and masterfully crafted cartoon which explores many complex themes; the rule of government, insurrection, xenophobia, existentialism, ethical and moral quandaries. All this while still being an action-packed show with plenty of appeal to audiences young and old. Unfortunately cancelled before it was able to finish out the season what we are left with is an incomplete product that is nonetheless essential viewing for sheer entertainment value and to wonder at what more could have been achieved.


In this land, the man with rocket punch is king.

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We love you Virtual Jeff Bridges

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Show #35: What Happened Gravity?

Our first Academy Awards special is released way past the point of relevance, but released it shall be nonetheless!

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What started out as a snappy bonus episode quickly became an ordeal of massive proportions yet we doggedly struggled on til completion. Pretty late as far as Oscar specials go but hey! Lessons have been learned and we shall strive to be more punctual next year.

Anyhow we get down to a bit of banter about this year's Oscar shorts and their various merits and how all that muss turned out. We also have a bit of discussion thrown in about the feature length animations, a few of which you may expect to hear about in more detail on a future podcast, so watch this space!