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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Show #39: Staring Into The Eyes Of A Cow

The galaxy is under threat from less-than-stellar anime adaptations of Western properties. Can Mass Effect: Paragon Lost save the day?

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Unfortunately, not really. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is content to tow the line of its forbears and produce a feature which is simply "good enough", which is a huge shame considering the material it has to work with. A diverse galaxy teeming with different races and cultures, rich in history with much opportunity to explore characters and the moral quandaries the games are famous for. Instead we get a fairly straightforward action piece featuring a cast we don't really get to know or indeed feel attached to which ultimately leaves us wanting. For the die-hard Mass Effect fans only.


His gaze... consumes you...

You guys seem cool.

Dude can pull off an eyepatch.

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