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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Show #40: Tony Stark's Cybernetic Long Johns

Greetings culture lovers! Imagine what would happen if Niall and D, better known as SOTSM, came face to face with the bizarre influence of Season 1 of Iron Man 1994? You don't have to imagine! It's coming up next!

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Iron Man 3 is in cinemas very soon so we thought we'd glance back at a less successful adaptation of old Shell Head and boy is it a doozy. Animation inconsistencies, characters fascinated with watching videos all the time, awkward attempts at humour and some particularly heinous CG sections add up to a not-so-spectacular package. Luckily the series found its feet (and a better production team) by Season 2 but that's a thrilling tale for another podcast. See ya!


An improvement.


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