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Friday, 30 August 2013

Show #52: A Man Can Get Lonely

Back to our regular schedule with a much re-scheduled show on Aardman Animation's The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!

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As usual when we newly crack into the works of a particular animation studio we start with their most recent effort. The Pirates In An Adventure With Scientists (a much better name than the American "The Pirates: Band Of Misfits") is pretty straightforward as far as narrative goes but more than makes up for it on the strength of it's visuals, production design, rapid fire gags and great performances from an excellent cast. To contrast all this positivity we have a grand old rant on our bafflement at the box office success of some terrible animated movies.




A chimpanzee butler!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gone Conventionin'

Niall and Dwayne are both away this week, with D off on a well deserved holiday and Niall in attendance of the final Ayacon. It won't be all leisure time at the con though as he'll be busy presenting a panel on Norse Myth In Anime & Manga as well as participating in Dynamite In The Brain's soon-to-be convention staple Anison Armageddon.

Speaking of DITB, if you can't bear to be without our smooth tones this week you can always catch our most recent guest appearances on their prestigious podcast, displaying our tag team prowess playing some silly games for high stakes on their 100th installment and then returning to get tough on the Fist Of The North Star movie. Hang in there babies, and we'll see you next week!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Show #51: The Not Catapult Gang

Niall and Dwayne fly into a berserker rage at the wasted opportunities presented by the Wolverine anime series.

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Part of a four series collaboration between Marvel and anime studio Madhouse, Wolverine made itself known to the world via an exquisitely animated trailer that looked to mark an excitingly different interpretation of the popular comic character. However the finished product was something else entirely; an incredibly bland action show with plodding direction, static set-pieces and a needlessly convoluted plot. This meeting of creative talents should have produced something of a far higher caliber and it is infuriating to see such potential wasted.


Anime pretty boy Wolverine

Anime PRETTIER boy samurai Wolverine

Fallen on hard times