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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Show #57: Wot A Noice Asgard You Got 'Ere

We journey into the mysterious realm of motion comics with the theatrical stylings of Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers!

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The 1966 Gantray-Lawrence Marvel Super-Heroes cartoons were a lesson in just how limited animation could get and still be able for worthwhile discussion here at SOTSM. Going off that we deemed motion comics as worthy topics for podcasting and thus we return to the Marvel universe and their Asgardian heroes.

Blood Brothers delivers Loki's perspective on the never-ending struggle against his sibling and adoptive parents, filled with pathos & tragedy and showing the complex motivations that led him down his villainous path. Esad Ribic's artwork is reverently handled with some subtle techniques employed to put it into motion while Robert Rodi's writing is brought to life by a talented cast of stage actors, David Blair as Loki being the standout performance. Warning: This podcast contains silly voices.



The ravages of villainy

THIS face

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