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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Show #61: Baywatch Orcs

Bound in the darkness no more it's time to shed a little light on Ralph Bakshi's Lord Of The Rings!

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We live in an era of privilege where JRR Tolkien's fantasy saga has received the blockbuster film treatment so it may be a tad unfair to compare it against this 1978 effort from Ralph Bakshi of Fritz The Cat and Fire & Ice fame. That aside numerous problems exist in the way it handles its narrative and that's before we get to the visuals which certainly don't hold up with age. An ambitious effort for its time but which ultimately leaves you wanting.


Seamless visuals (and is that John Belushi on the left?)

MC Saru The Man exits the stage


Friday, 22 November 2013

Show #60: Garguys and Gargirls

Jake Bourke has broken free of his prison of living stone just in time to join us for some Gargoyles!

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An experiment by Disney in the 90s to create an action show which turned out pretty well, Gargoyles is a dramatic and thematically complex cartoon. Alongside contemporaries such as Batman: The Animated Series and Swat Kats it brought some much needed substance to daytime animated fare as well as keeping a good portion of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast in business. We talk loss, betrayal, cool voices and Jake reveals his innermost desires.

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Legitimate businessman


Friday, 15 November 2013

Show #59: Tiger Doesn't Make Any Sense

There's big trouble in Little China and all over the world as well in the third season of Jackie Chan Adventures!

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It's Jackie Chan Adventures! So obviously we love it, although this season is littered with caveats. The writing feels a lot less sharp in places than previous episodes, with dialogue and storylines clearly targeting a younger audience than before. On the plus side we have the wonderful James Hong channeling Lo Pan to great effect and the better plots take enough crazy turns to justify viewing.


Better call Jack Burton

A makeover

You guys suck!