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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Show #67: Mojo Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

SOTSM adds a special ingredient to the podcast concoction - Ian Maddison of Something Awful's Current Releases and the Powerpuff Girls Movie!

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A theatrical tie-in to the popular TV series from Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust and Genndy Tartakovsky, the Powerpuff Girls Movie gives us the long version of how the tiny terrific trio assumed the mantle of heroism and grew to be accepted by a society that hates and fears them. All very heavy material for a kid's cartoon which the movie deals with admirably and in a manner that puts some of today's modern superhero features to shame.

You can find Ian at Something Awful's Current Releases movie reviews and on Twitter. Be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming book all about Dracula!





Friday, 24 January 2014

Show #66: Here's Your Son Back, He's Better Now.

Bionics on! Brian Smith of Dynamite In The Brain completes our super future family, and we're so very proud to be talking about Bionic Six!

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Springing from the fertile creative mind of Gordon Bressack and brought to life by director Osamu Dezaki and TMS, Bionic Six is a great looking show with a lot of great ideas but doesn't always nail it in the execution. Great sci-fi action is all too often undercut by grating, wisecracking dialogue and some of the high concept ideas ultimately go to waste or leave the audience royally confused. Catchy theme song though!


The voice of a generation

Robot Gorillas

Spot the odd one out

Friday, 10 January 2014

Show #65: He's A Class Act That Mako

Happy New Year! But before we can continue on our journey we must put to rest the frightful spirit of Avatar: The Legend Of Korra Season 2.

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If you missed out on the previous season then you needn't worry as Legend Of Korra reverts nearly every character back to square one, resulting in some pretty reprehensible behaviour on the part of our alleged heroes. Things pick up midway through and continue to a strong finish but in a frustrating season of pointless plotlines, risible romances and boring bad guys it may have come too late.


Our hero!

Just desserts.