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Friday, 28 March 2014

Show #70: There's No Platonic Way To Do That

A lengthy excavation unearths an artifact of great craftsmanship eroded by the ages. But does Combustible Campus Guardress belong in a museum?

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Boasting a somewhat prestigious pedigree Combustible Campus Guardress has a lot going for it but never quite capitalises on it. Part of the problem is its indecisiveness over when to bring the action or comedy elements to the fore which often results in the two being mashed together at awkward times, not to mention the by-now wearying "It's okay! They're not related by blood!" romance shenanigans. A few fun ideas help rescue interest but we can't help feeling we've seen all this done better before.




Do not engage

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bonus Podcast Content: SOTSM on DITB

Yo folks. It's been a pretty lean couple of weeks all due to a critical hard drive failure on one of our computers, a replacement for which has STILL not arrived to the consternation of many. To salve your outrage in these troubled times we offer you a smorgasbord of our most recent appearances on dear podcast pals Dynamite In The Brain!

For starters we have a comprehensive appreciation of all things Cowboy Bebop, with Dwayne handling the first half of the series while Niall sees it through to its finish. Seasonal treats can be had with Niall getting vampiric on Blood: The Last Vampire before we get all festive on the Christmas special. If ALL that isn't enough for you then we've even found time to tackle a few Shonen Jump greats in the form of One Piece Film Z and Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge.

We hope to have all systems back online again sometime soon so keep an eye on this space. It takes a lot more than that to silence The Secret Of The Sailor Madness!