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Friday, 25 April 2014

Let's Go Jojo Episode 3 - The Curse of Dio

The Jojo train keeps on rolling. Psychic surgery! Sexy sinister scoundrels! Superb spiritual sketching! And the best ending theme of the year! Hear all about it!

Show #73: The Secret Of Kells

It's a secret within a secret! A national treasure about a national treasure! It could only be The Secret of Kells!

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A true showcase for the talent of the Irish animation industry (along with France and Belgium) The Secret of Kells is a fantastical, serene and beautiful imagining of the creation of one of Ireland's most famous artworks. Taking inspiration from the Book of Kells itself Cartoon Saloon bring its intricately illuminated contents to life in a paean to the nature and importance of art and how it brings hope and happiness into a world that can be dark and frightening. And not once do we mention it was nominated for an Oscar!


Art imitating life

Old gods

Attack on Kells

Friday, 18 April 2014

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 2: Who Shall Judge?

The adventure continues with SOTSM and Dynamite In The Brain! Featuring strange fetishes, film adaptations, fighting spirits and furious young men.

Show #72: I'll Tattoo A Small Child

Greg Driver bypasses our many layers of security and intrudes upon the domain of Dexter's Laboratory!

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One of the many success stories emerging from the Cartoon Cartoon programme block, Dexter's Lab swiftly moves on from its initial premise to transform into a genre-hopping action comedy of incredible substance. Genndy Tartakovsky lets his influences run wild on the screen, the sheer quality injected into every frame holding up even now. So much happens that we couldn't cover in a single podcast even if we wanted to which speaks highly of the cartoon that even we are overcome by its awesome power.

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Edgy content

Setting the kids straight


Friday, 11 April 2014

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 1 – The Man Possessed by the Evil Spirit

SOTSM has formed a deadly tag team with Dynamite In The Brain for a brand new weekly podcast all about the latest TV series of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which adapts Stardust Crusaders, the highly popular third arc of the manga. Join us every week for an episode-by-episode journey full of danger, delinquents, drollery and Dio! Get started right here!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Show #71: I'll Have To Engage PCP Power

Anthony Askew of Dynamite In The Brain is coming up fast to join us for a few laps of the way out Wacky Races!

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Wacky Races has quite the cultural footprint but besides that it's a pretty okay cartoon. It's a Hanna Barbera show so what do you expect? On this viewing we find ourselves siding with supposed villains Dick Dastardly and Muttley and pondering how they wound up in this silly situation. We spin a yarn of Cold War defection, organised crime and corruption that may not actually be true but is still a lot of fun to talk about!

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Dirty rotten cheaters