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Friday, 30 May 2014

Show #75: NIGELLLL!

The gargantuan Greg Driver stomps into our most hallowed vaults. We must flee! But not before we tell the world of Godzilla - The Series!

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Godzilla has returned from the depths to the cinema screens of the West and so our thoughts are cast back to 1998's Roland Emmerich disaster-piece and this spin-off cartoon series. Using the film as a jumping off point Godzilla focuses on what makes the big galoot so much fun to watch; namely giant monster brawls, widespread destruction and aliens bent on world domination via hypnotised kaiju. Adelaide Studios and Fil Barlow are a perfect fit for the series, letting the art department run wild with a menagerie of massive menaces of escalating weirdness that turn the monster-of-the-week formula into a huge selling factor rather than a deterrence.

 (WARNING: Recording was somewhat messed up and has been fixed as best as possible but is still pretty butt. Listener discretion is advised.)

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