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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 13 - Wheel Of Fortune

Some super subs are called in to pick up the slack on this week's show, and they'll be put to the test as we find the Stardust Crusaders being menaced by a maniacal motorist! Featuring road rage, injured innocents, hit-and-run horror and some fourth wall breakage for good measure. Listen up!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 12 - The Empress

During a quick stopover in Varanasi Polnareff shares his wisdom on what makes a true man. Also Joseph visits a clinic to see about treating the gross, bulbous and possibly sentient & murderous growth on his arm. Featuring doddering doctors, kung fu carbuncles and the ravings of an old woman. Listen up!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 11 - The Emperor and the Hanged Man Part 2

After last week's calamitous cliffhanger Polnareff and Kakyoin retreat to devise a way to defeat the murderous J. Geil/Centerfold. However the hideous Hanged Man is in hot pursuit, and seemingly untouchable in the realm of reflections. How will the Stardust Crusaders get out of this one? Featuring cowardly cowboys, bothersome beggars and seven plus years of bad luck! Listen up!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 10 - The Emperor and the Hanged Man Part 1

It's a showdown at the Calcutta corral as the killer of Polnareff's sister reveals himself and sets the French fencer down the path of vengeance alone. Little does he know that a tag team of Dio's fearsome flunkies lies in wait. Featuring royal romance, monsters in the mirror and a bizarre bathroom. Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 9 - Yellow Temperance

The televisions tells of a traitor within the ranks of the Stardust Crusaders! Who could it be? And why is Kakyoin acting so strange, even for him? Featuring fruit fondling, savage slimes, cable car catastrophes and yet more animal cruelty. Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 8 - Devil

After checking into a fancy Singapore hotel on the Speedwagon Foundation's dime Polnareff has a spot of bother as he's left sharing the room with a diabolical doll! Featuring brutalised bellboys, exploding electronics and toilet troubles. Listen up!

Show #76: I'm Still Plugged In!

Greg Driver returns to examine the strange mutation that gave the world the X-Men.

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The 1992 X-Men TV series is remembered fondly by many as a bright, action packed cartoon that was the most authentic on-screen depiction of the mighty mutants. This went a long way towards overlooking the technical flaws of the show, not to mention the inherent weirdness prevalent even in just this first season. But like the comics have always taught us we must not be afraid of what is different or bizarre and embrace them for what makes them great, and so in spite of the cynicism that often occurs when revisiting a nostalgia property we inexplicably find ourselves having a good time watching. Comics are crazy as a matter of course anyways man so let's just enjoy the ride!



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