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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 21 – Judgement (Part 1)

Painful memories of the dearly departed come flooding back to the Stardust Crusaders, with Polnareff stricken most grievously. Can the outrageous claims of mecha-genie Cameo save him from his melancholy? Featuring remarkable resemblances, daft desires and pop star poultry. Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 20 - Death 13 Part 2

Stranded in the middle of the desert and what's more Kakyoin is losing the run of himself. Or is he just rightfully suspicious of a certain creepy baby? If only he could get a good night's sleep. Featuring horrendous hairdos, Stand stand-up and disgusting dinners. Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 19 - Death 13 Part 1

Joseph Joestar is behind the wheel of a plane so you know trouble's in store, but what the Stardust Crusaders hadn't counted on is a homicidal Stand ready to kill them in their sleep. Featuring grievous bodily harm, a flight into terror and yet more animal cruelty! Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 18 - The Sun

It's no fun in the sun for the Stardust Crusaders as they find themselves trapped between a rock and a laser firing orb of death on their crossing to the Red Sea. Featuring some sly salesmanship, maniacal mirth and how to mount a camel. Listen up!

Let's Go Jojo! Episode 17 - The Lovers Part 2

Ultimate jerk Steely Dan has the Stardust Crusaders over a barrel, and now it's up to Kakyoin and Polnareff to journey inside ol' Joe Joestar for a spot of germ warfare. Featuring a case of crabs, felony framing and a cathartic comeuppance. Listen up!

Show #78: Turtles Of Mass Destruction

While we venture on and on in search of our lost podcast guests we undertake a small sidequest into the fantastic world of Amon Saga!

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An eighties fantasy OAV with a difference, springing forth from the fertile creative mind of one Yoshitaka Amano with the help of a stable of fine anime talent. Amon Saga has all the makings of a tale of high adventure as we follow our hero's quest for revenge in a realm of bizarre sights and sounds, however much in the tradition of OAVs and eighties fantasy flicks in general it has the distinct sense of being only the first chapter in a longer story that unfortunately has yet to be told.


Stoic adventurers

Merry companions

Terror incarnate

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Show #77: Madagascar Is In The Heart

We're back from our impromptu summer holidays, and we want to share tales of our travels to a remote island in the North Sea where we learned How To Train Your Dragon!

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A rare gem of a film from the often dubious Dreamworks Animation, livening up the oft-spun yarn of a boy and his dog with the inclusion of Vikings, dragons and explosions. In the midst of this spectacle however is a ton of heart and a surprising maturity with themes of empathy, staying true to oneself and learning to overcome disability. Now why couldn't that be the thing that Tumblr latched onto?


Ferocious dragons

Father/Son relationships

Dumb Tumblr stuff