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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Show #80: Mahwty! Mahwty Wake Up!

Martin Schneider comes by to pack us into his beat-up station wagon for a long emotional road trip through A Goofy Movie!

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One of the lesser appreciated works of Disney's filmography and all the more impressive for the depth and heart on display for a film spun off from a TV sitcom. A Goofy Movie shows an unforeseen complexity to the character of Goofy and his relationship with his son Max. Over the course of their cross country journey they learn how to truly communicate, whether it be with each other or with other significant figures in their life, and gain a better understanding of each other and themselves, all through the intervention of Bigfoot and the music of pop star from the future Powerline.


Goofy the nuanced character

Family bonding time

Be excellent to each other

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