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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Show #84: He Can't Wear Shorts, He Hasn't Got Legs

There's something strange in our neighbourhood... It's Brian Smith and Greg Driver here to round up some revenants with The Real Ghostbusters!

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Returning from the great beyond of 80s cartoons comes a defining series of that era. The Real Ghostbusters does not have a gorilla in a hat. What it does have is the smartest and funniest writing of any show around from that tackiest of decades, both staying true to the comedy of its source material and expanding on the characters, their technology and the world they inhabit. We watch only the good parts mind, none of this business with Slimer getting top billing, and we are handsomely rewarded with an entertaining, good looking and sometimes even thought-provoking cartoon.

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Spooky ghosts

Literary references

Deceased politicians

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Show #83: Put A Hockey Jersey On That Dracula

Our bags are packed for our annual Halloween break, and we have some reservations with Hotel Transylvania!

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Genndy Tartakovsky's directorial debut! Four words that should excite any animation aficionado, however there are a couple of strings attached to that statement. Brought in to revitalise an already lengthy production Tartakovsky brings his distinct visual style and penchant for physical comedy to the CG feature realm, easily the best thing about this film. For what it's worth Adam Sandler and his cohorts aren't nearly as exasperating as they could have been but with such a wealth of characters and setting it's a shame something more fulfilling didn't emerge.


Daffy Dracula

Daddy Dracula


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Show #82: Shut Up Huffer!

Niall & Dwayne merge with Greg Driver and Paul Shipley to form a super robot dinosaur to tackle the awesome might of season one of The Transformers!

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A podcast much delayed, but we shall never be silenced. Even by the cold, hard reality that another cartoon from our youth ain't quite what we thought it was cracked up to be, a fanciful memory eroded by cruddy animation and a relentless soundtrack but not enough to wear away a solid foundation of great voice acting, cool robots and crazy schemes. Considering our appreciation of the subsequent properties which arose from these humble origins it's only fair that we give their source its due, a source of passion that was stayed with us unwaveringly even after all these years.


Flawless artistry

Power struggles


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Show #81: You Got A Permit For That Bracelet?

The end is in sight for the journey of the new Avatar, but does Legend of Korra Season 3 set us up for a satisfying conclusion?

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We started out the year with a Korra-cast on season 2, but never did we dream we'd be hitting the third AND fourth chapters in such a short span. Season 3 of Legend of Korra is a damn sight better than the previous installment, upping the ante in the action stakes, mostly ditching the awful romance plots and even producing some credibly menacing villains. However the focus of the show remains haphazard and the more interesting elements are derailed by superfluous nonsense that often has not much to offer beyond a dose of fanservice. The finale leaves us on a bittersweet note, open to a number of intriguing possibilities we fervently wish the creators will capitalise on in the conclusion.




Hey, remember this guy?