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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Show #81: You Got A Permit For That Bracelet?

The end is in sight for the journey of the new Avatar, but does Legend of Korra Season 3 set us up for a satisfying conclusion?

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We started out the year with a Korra-cast on season 2, but never did we dream we'd be hitting the third AND fourth chapters in such a short span. Season 3 of Legend of Korra is a damn sight better than the previous installment, upping the ante in the action stakes, mostly ditching the awful romance plots and even producing some credibly menacing villains. However the focus of the show remains haphazard and the more interesting elements are derailed by superfluous nonsense that often has not much to offer beyond a dose of fanservice. The finale leaves us on a bittersweet note, open to a number of intriguing possibilities we fervently wish the creators will capitalise on in the conclusion.




Hey, remember this guy?

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