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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Show #84: He Can't Wear Shorts, He Hasn't Got Legs

There's something strange in our neighbourhood... It's Brian Smith and Greg Driver here to round up some revenants with The Real Ghostbusters!

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Returning from the great beyond of 80s cartoons comes a defining series of that era. The Real Ghostbusters does not have a gorilla in a hat. What it does have is the smartest and funniest writing of any show around from that tackiest of decades, both staying true to the comedy of its source material and expanding on the characters, their technology and the world they inhabit. We watch only the good parts mind, none of this business with Slimer getting top billing, and we are handsomely rewarded with an entertaining, good looking and sometimes even thought-provoking cartoon.

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Spooky ghosts

Literary references

Deceased politicians

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