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Monday, 22 December 2014

Show #87: My Spoons! They're Still Here!

It's the start of a wonderful new holiday tradition here at SOTSM, with this year's stocking stuffer-sized entry being 1997's adaptation of A Christmas Carol!

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How many animated versions of A Christmas Carol are there? A lot, so we should be in fine standing for the next couple of years at least. This does mean we have to wade through a couple of the more dubious versions such as this example from DiC Entertainment. Don't let the cast list fool you, although Tim Curry is a wonderfully sassy Ebenezer Scrooge, it's a real slog to get through and not just because of the awful songs. It does feature a Frank Welker dog however, and isn't that reason enough to watch? (Nope.)


Terrifying apparitions

Bad accents

Remember Scrooge? He's back! In dog form!

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