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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 2 – To the Promised Resort! Vegeta’s Family Vacation

Time for erstwhile family man and renowned sour-puss Vegeta to make good on his word and take the wife and son on holiday. Meanwhile across the universe Beerus and Whis hassle some space cavemen to procure some tasty treats. Featuring seafood satisfaction, training tantrums and confusing conversations. Listen up!

Show #101: Poop-eye Will Never Not Be Funny

It's back to basics as we delve into one of the most nourishing wellsprings of the cartoons we hold so dear, the one and only Popeye The Sailor!

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An essential history lesson for all you animation fans out there, Popeye came from humble origins to become one of the most iconic and popular cartoon characters ever, inspiring so many more on to greatness in the medium. Popeye went to strange places both in quality and content over the years, also being guilty of some unfortunate representations that were sadly all too common of the era. It's that beating heart of comedy and characters, vitality and violence that keeps us coming back for more even after all these years.


Handsome sailors

Pioneers of animation


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 1 – The Peace Prize, Who’ll Get the 100 Million Zeny?

We return to threaten the world once more with another weekly episode-by-episode podcast about a currently airing anime series, this time the glorious advent of Dragon Ball Super! Featuring tractor tribulations, cosmetics capers and destructive dinnertimes. Listen up!

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Howdy SOTSM fans. While you're waiting for our next installment why not catch up with Niall's recent appearance on Dynamite In The Brain, where he joined Brian and Anthony in discussing some episodes of World Masterpiece Theatre, uncovered the early works of key Studio Ghibli staff and played a game of anime dads. Listen up!