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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 5 – A Battle on Kaio’s Planet! Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus

It's a super-powered showdown on King Kai's pint-sized planet as Goku tests his mettle against the omnipotent Beerus. So colossal a clash is it that the animation department can barely keep up! Featuring mediocre manners, reluctance with rations and tons of transformations. Listen up!

Show #103: Kids Immolated In Classroom Inferno

Slightly regretting not putting this off til episode one-oh-FOUR, but we're just that excited to form a forum on The Fantastic Four!

It's a game of two distinct halves with 1994's Fantastic Four TV show. Bundled in with the previously discussed Iron Man in the Marvel Action Hour both series had a campy and obnoxious first season before being drastically revamped in the second. It's that latter season of Fantastic Four that really gets down to the core of what makes these characters great, full of cosmic encounters and larger-than-life stories told in breathless comic book style, which unfortunately arrived too late to save the show but did plenty to make it linger in the memory for years to come.


Fantastic foes

Nosy neighbours

Musical interludes!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Show #102: This War Is Terrible, AAAGH! And Then The Ship Sinks

War changes a man, but not our enjoyment of some quality animation in anthology OAV The Cockpit.

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A little extra credit study for Niall's Yoshiaki Kawajiri panel as we enjoy his contribution as well as the other works in this fine Leiji Matsumoto manga adaptation. Interesting from the standpoint of showing the lesser known work of so many creative talents but also in their divergent styles in storytelling, ranging from the poignant to the triumphant to the unabashedly maudlin, all providing intriguing alternative perspectives on a war that changed the world.



Sonic Boom Squadron

Knight of the Iron Dragon

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 4 – Aim for the Dragon Balls! The Pilaf Gang’s Master Plan

Beerus draws ever closer to his goal and anticipation for the bingo tournament is reaching fever pitch, but what ever happened to Emperor Pilaf and his gang? A chance encounter brings the turquoise tyrant back into the company of his old adversaries, but has he learned the error of his ways? Featuring preposterous prizes, fearsome phone calls and dwelling disasters. Listen up!

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 3 – Where’s the Rest of my Dream! Find the Super Saiyan God!

While Beerus is racking his brains trying to recall the details of his dream Bulma's birthday party is in full swing. But where's her husband? Where's her oldest friend? WHEN'S THE BINGO TOURNAMENT? Featuring death distractions, photo foul-ups and a dip for a deity. Listen up!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hell In A Cel at Kitacon 2015: List of Titles Shown

If you have arrived here via your diligent panel attendance at Kitacon 2015 just gone, then congratulations! You're a cool person! Glad you all had a great experience and thanks for coming out. As it was requested so much below you'll find a list of titles I showed scenes from. If you missed out this year then never fear! Hell In A Cel shall return at a convention near you soon!

Death Billiards

Garo The Animation

Ninja Slayer From Animation

The Seven Deadly Sins

Dragon Ball

Air Master

Tenjho Tenge


Fist of the North Star

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Sword of the Stranger

Hunter X Hunter

Street Fighter II: The Movie

Sega Hard Girls

Project A-ko

Kill la Kill