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Friday, 25 September 2015

Show #105: Samurai Jack

Leon Everett emerges from a time portal to the far flung past of 2001 to tell future society of the greatness of Samurai Jack.

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One of the shows this podcast was made for, a samurai in the future chopping up hordes of killer robots! It's not all mech massacre though; Genndy Tartakovsky, patron saint of SOTSM, and his company of incredible talent exploit Samurai Jack's malleable setting and characters to the fullest, delivering cinema grade action and atmosphere one moment and providing perfectly pitched levity the next. An unfinished symphony if ever there was one, and a cartoon that will stand the test of time for generations.

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To be continued?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 8 – Goku Arrives! A Last Chance from Beerus!

Despite a spirited assault from Vegeta the indomitable Beerus still stands and Earth's destruction seems assured... UNLESS the feline foe can be bested in one last contest at the hands of Oolong, of all people! Featuring finger flexing, mediocre music and swine stupidity. Listen up!

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 7 – How Dare You Hurt My Bulma! Vegeta’s Total Furious Change!

The slap heard around the world! After the Z Fighters throw themselves at a brick wall trying to subdue the almighty Beerus, Vegeta flies into a fury but for a good reason this time! Featuring culinary curiosity, superhuman spankings and promises of protection. Listen up!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 6 - Don't Anger The God of Destruction! The Heart Pounding Birthday Party

Goku falls defeated at the hands of Beerus and next on his Super Saiyan God hitlist is ol' hothead Vegeta. Can the pouty prince mind his manners and keep the destructive deity in check? Featuring dangerous delicacies, forward friends and pudding provocation. Listen up!

Show #104: Teen Titans GO!

Renowned insane villain Brian Smith from Dynamite In The Brain graces us with the Most Offensive Cartoon Ever, the one and only Teen Titans Go!

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The Teen Titans, five of Earth's mightiest heroes, face the challenges of everyday life! A proven sitcom idea that pays off in spades thanks to this irreverent superhero portrayal courtesy of Aaron Horvath, Micheal Jelenic and company. The comedy only gets better as the Titans are put in ever more bizarre situations yet this only serves to stoke the inferno of internet ire, a host of people who would do well to maybe not continually expect straightforward comic book action from an obvious gag show week after week.



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