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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Show #109: Black Dynamite Season 2

You best shut the fuck up when grown folks is talking, especially about Black Dynamite Season 2!

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Based on the film of the same name and continuing on from it's last season we follow the ongoing adventures of Black Dynamite and his crew taking down threats to the Black Community and skewering prominent figures alike in their relentlessly irreverent fashion. A much more patchy affair than their last outing, the series occasionally loses focus of where its best humour lies and strays into overly crude territory or often over-recycles some of the best known gags from the film. At it's best though the show offers great if bizarre insight into the pressing societal issues of past and present, because even in our modern age of civil discourse sometimes you just gotta stand up and give your problems a figurative or perhaps literal ass kicking.


Social commentary

Prescient parodies

Bad ass mo'fos

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