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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Show #115: He-Man & The Masters of The Universe (1983)

By the power of Grayskull we have the Paul Shipley, here to celebrate SOTSM's fourth year and to share memories of the plastic fantastic world of He-Man & The Masters of The Universe!

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You can't be a cartoon liker on the internet without some manner of opinion about this 80s animation staple, but unlike a number of other pundits we feel no need to make excuses or throw it to the wolves for cheap thrills. Time may have certainly tempered our expectations of a show that didn't look spectacular to begin with but its bright, positive, anything-goes aesthetic is ageless. Cynics may deride it as being satirical or camp, its often bizarre storylines construed as a negative; rather if you embrace that earnestness you'll find a series full of love, compassion and fun that isn't ashamed of what it is.


Messages of kindness

Villains just chillin'

We're camp and we don't care!

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