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Friday, 22 July 2016

Show #124: The BFG (1989)

Is this all just a dream? No! A delusional state brought on by this heat maybe but we can safely say that The BFG is definitely a real thing.

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The work of seminal children's author Roald Dahl has been adapted for the screen in live action form many a time but animated versions are few and far between. Surely the cartoon medium would be better suited for the fantastical imagery he conjured up and luckily such is the case here, a very humble production that captures all the goofy capering and macabre humour of his famous book. Boasting amazing design work and an immersion friendly pace it should stand as a good counterpoint to the handsomely made but frenetic big budget version courtesy of Steven Spielberg.


Friendly giants

Not so friendly giants

Giant imagination

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