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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

SOTSM x DITB - Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade and The £100 Anime Collection

Niall has only been here and there on Let's Go Jojo of late but he did find the time to catch up with the Dynamite In The Brain boys on a pair of powerful podcasts. First we tool up for an exploration of alternate history via Hiroyuki Okiura and Mamoru Oshii in Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade eager to learn if it's half as cerebral as is claimed. The answer may surprise you!

Shopping for an anime fan or indeed fans this Christmas? We'll let you in on all the money saving secrets those Akihibara fatcats don't want you to know with our entries into The £100 Anime Collection! Who will win in the ultimate showdown of Quality VS Quantity? Listen up to find out!

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