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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Show #136: Watership Down (1978)

The first proper podcast of the year but there are already grim portents of things to come with the dark harbinger that is Watership Down!

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Even a critical hardware error won't stop this train a-comin', yet some of us were surprised to find that this adaptation of Richard Adams' classic book didn't hit as hard as expected. Sure it has all the bunny brutalising and horror movie-style atmosphere of relentless dread its reputation would suggest, but nobody ever talks about how remarkably merciful it is also, a factor which should come up more in ever-present discussion of the film. Not to worry though, we find other avenues to bring up woodland creature slaughter so your children's dreams will remain terrifying all thanks to this podcast!


Happy rabbits

Not-so-happy rabbits

Not a rabbit

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