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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Show #173: Castlevania Season 2

It's a new age of terror as those young upstarts at Powerhouse Animation consort with dark powers to summon another, even larger apparition of Castlevania!

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To the surprise of many familiar with the less-than-stellar track record of video games adapted to other media the first instalment of Netflix's animated series based on the classic video game franchise turned out to be quite a solid if rough hewn affair. Emboldened by this praise Sam & Adam Deats, Warren Ellis, Spencer Wan and company strive for ever greater heights with twice the amount of episodes and plenty of ideas to fill them with. Will they absolutely slay it? Or will this castle prove a hassle? Sad monsters, vampiric socio-economic affairs and an appropriate level of swearing lurk behind a hidden wall! (or just beyond the link above!)

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