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Monday, 24 December 2018

Show #174: A Christmas Carol Cartoon Cavalcade

Having exhausted all the big obvious entries over the last few years, the SOTSM boys enjoy a  seasonal selection box of animated episodes adapting the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol!

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Even though our research for this topic unearthed a couple of candidates suitable for a show of their own we've elected to store those for next Winter and stuff ourselves with a feast of festive episodes from some classic and not so classic series that take inspiration from everybody's favourite holiday ghost story. Check 'em out! You've got your space Western flavour in Bravestarr, a less-than-cheerful outing in Adult Swim police procedural spoof Stroker & Hoop, selective implementation of time travel in Back To The Future and those ethereal exterminators do too good of a job in The Real Ghostbusters. Park yourself by the fireside with your nearest & dearest and regale them with our yuletide cheer. Merry Christmas folks!

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