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Monday, 25 March 2019

Show #177: Pilot Pot Luck - Coulda Been A Contender!

Unsatisfied with enjoying just the raw brutality contained within the next podcast topic we wildly speculate upon the action-packed vistas of violence that could've, should've or never will be!

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Not everybody can be champ, but as media production and distribution methods advance over time we're seeing a reasonable amount of weird new content that might never have had a shot otherwise. Taking Netflix's Grappler Baki as a starting point we wax lyrical about the future fighting chances of some conceptual cartoons that never took it all the way: Genndy Tartakovsky's cursed Popeye movie, Yoshiaki Kawajiri's similarly stymied sequel to Ninja Scroll, the hack & slash hero homage that was Korgoth Of Barbaria and the brief glimmer of greatness that were the Marvel Anime teaser trailers. Is this an exercise in futility? We ask ourselves that every day, but let's have fun finding out together!

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