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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Let’s Go! #115 – Let’s Craft Cops

It's a Summer season blowout as we comfort eat a whole host of new anime to assuage our melancholy at the absence of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Cops & robbers & magic (oh my!), an embarrassing young man is further humiliated by his mother, some literal fire fighters come to our rescue while science will save the entire world! It may be lukewarm but it's what's for dinner!

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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Show #181: Drawn Or Alive! The Phil Silvers Show VS Top Cat

We've finally got the Let's Go Gang together for their most important case yet! Brian Smith joins us for another new format wherein we examine the transformative nature of live-action titles into animation or vice-versa and discover what is gained, lost or irrevocably changed in the process. To start with we look at one of the more notorious examples of a cartoon "homaging"a popular live sitcom, as Hanna Barbera was often wont to do, when Phil Silvers and his famous Sergeant Bilko persona are pitted against his hand-drawn doppleganger Top Cat. Plots, punchlines and even players are shared between the two but only one will make it out, DRAWN OR ALIVE!

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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #37 – King of Kings

This stone arrow is turning out to be more of a hot potato as nobody from Giorno to Mista to Diavolo-possessing-Trish-in-Mista's-body can keep a hold of the darn thing long enough to unleash it's hidden powers. Will the gang get to the point before they get it right between the eyes from King Crimson? You'll find out on July 28th! In the meantime we'll have our fill of the freshest anime offerings of the Summer season!

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #36 – Diavolo Surfaces

Diavolo's perisistence pays off at last, choosing the most opportune of moments as escried by King Crimson to catch Giorno and the gang in quite the bind. It'll all be for naught unless Chariot Requiem's rampage can be stopped though and Diavolo reckons he might have all this figured out. Is it curtains for our heroes? Much like a sizeable chunk of the rest of our viewing slate? The fates of many hang in the balance!

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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #35 – The Requiem Quietly Plays Part 2

Diavolo makes his move and strikes from the shadows with devestating results, but just where the hell does the diabolical don's soul currently reside? One mystery would be enough, however Chariot Requiem retains a firm grip on the stone arrow with seemingly no way to surmount the sentient Stand's abilities. The requiem plays all the while, but for whom?!

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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #34 – The Requiem Quietly Plays Part 1

Polnareff has fallen yet his spirit lingers on someplace else, or should that be SOMEONE else? Silver Chariot's latent powers run amok across Rome changing peoples places and faces and our gang are no exception. Amongst this confusion can they figure out which soul is which, especially the current host for the villainous Diavolo? More importantly will Mista ever get his balls back? We do our best to unravel the mess right here!

Monday, 8 July 2019

Show #180: Recess - School's Out

School might be out but we're back to work and getting a bit wistful for our salad days while catching up with the feature filming outing of Recess!

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An old friend returns to our midst for one last caper, and for an essentially made-for-TV movie that was lucky enough to get a cinema run School's Out strikes a surpisingly effective note of nostalgia that resonates with us sensitive podcast personalities as Niall expounds upon at length. Baby's First 60s Mixtape and the depraved actions one takes to maintain a disguise also find room in a refreshing radio release!