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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

We Need To Speak About Rohan #2 – Mutsu-kabe Hill

To back up his claims in the next/previous instalment of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan that Japan's best-selling manga creator could somehow be bankrupt, Rohan relates the terrifying tale of the bizarre beings who dwell upon Mutsu-kabe Hill whose existence can defy even death itself. Will the atypical artist find this research trip worth the danger? Stick around to the end to find out, as well as what's been happening in the non-Jojo anime world! See you up top!

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

We Need To Speak About Rohan #5 – Millionaire Village

Our JoJo's Bizarre Adventure addiction torments us still, so to help wean ourselves off it we delve into the spin-off Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan stories of which some have been helpfully adapted for animation. Rohan's editor requests his help in a lucrative real estate deal, but are the strange rumours surrounding the property linked to a supernatural entity beyond human comprehension? It's up to our favourite curmudgeonly cartoonist to solve the case, while we also take the brunt of the weekly anime slate. That's rich!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #39 – The Sleeping Slave

Parting is such dolce dispiacere as Let's Go Jojo must once again return to a state of dormancy until our powers are needed again. While Passione looks forward to a brighter future our own outfit still has its eyes set on the present: Dr. Stone reaffirms its resolve to rebuild civilisation, Vinland Saga finds itself a stranger in a strange land, Fruits Basket makes new friends while Fire Force faces new foes and Gegege No Kitaro has nothing but scorn for modern society. Arrivederci GioGio!

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Show #182: Felidae

We learn a whole new definition of Le Chat Noir as we delve into the moggy murder mystery they call Felidae!

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Adapted from a best-belling book series by controversial German author Akif Pirincci, Felidae's matinee-friendly looking characters belie a pretty graphic thriller steeped in the murky atmosphere of a pulp novella. Does it have anything else going for it besides gruesome spectacle though? Frisky felines, misleading IMDB information and other pulp pussycats might help us pull it out of the bag!

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Let’s Go JoJo! #38 Gold Experience Requiem

Look out behind you, it's the end of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind! Much like Diavolo we elect to rail against our inevitable fate and parcel out this denouement a little further, and the only way to understand this is to return to the beginning of the story for a strange encounter that may have had a hand in shaping the destinies of our heroes. The sun may be setting on Jojo but our fresh crop of anime is coming along nicely with Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga, Cop Craft and company providing all the crazy we need in here. This ain't over!

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Let’s Go! #116 – Let’s Hide In A Barrel

Our catch-up continues with the slate getting whittled down a little bit further after some sudden left turns by our new entrants. Do You Love Your Mom...? Etc reveals it may love it's maternal main star a little -too- much, while Fire Force sputters slightly but still remains bright. Dr Stone and Vinland Saga are busy discovering new worlds as one seeks to rebuild while the other stoops to conquer (and reveal a storied history of cartoon Viking barrel concealment). We'll be in here if you need us!

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